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Joan Van Ark Looks Like A Ghost

Tuesday, December 4, 2007 |

Joan Van Ark looks like she just came back from the dead. The view is kind of gross and hard to understand. The question is: Is she going to look like that all the time or is just for the transition time from plastic surgery to a normal state.

Anyway I hope she is going to heal and start to look more human before she scare us all.

The Daily Mail reports:

If actress Joan Van Ark of Knots Landing fame could turn back time – it’s safe to say the actress might think twice before ruining her once stunning looks with cosmetic surgery Van Ark, 64, was seen at a benefit in Hollywood wearing a sober suit, and mask-like make-up which failed to hide the fact that she has appeared to have been under the surgeon’s knife. Several times.

The actress’ shocking appearance was not aided by her painted on eyebrows and heavy eye make-up which failed to conceal her blotchy skin. And bizarrely she appeared to have forgotten to add lipstick to her highly-plumped lips – which had the effect of making her look cadaverous.

Ironically, Van Ark, who clearly is not the poster girl for cosmetic surgery, has recently filmed a guest appearance on the plastic surgery based drama Nip/Tuck. According to an insider both actresses required hours of hair and makeup preparation, and rail-thin Joan was said to have only consumed several glasses of water with honey and one banana – all day. It also reportedly took four hours to set up the onset lighting to perfectionist Van Ark’s complete satisfaction.