Fergie’s Official 2008 Calendar

Friday, November 30, 2007 |

This girl has an amazing body and even if her face tells you sometimes to cover it with a pillow, Fergie still is one of the hottest girls around.

And because is trendy and every celebrity got it, she got one too. I am talking about the 2008 Calendar, which looks great.

The summer never ends for these people and winter never end for the rest of us. But we get our souls warmed up to these kind of photos when the busty chicks bring the sun to our monitors.

I think my temperature is so high that I am already hallucinating, so don’t mind my nonsense.

Here we have Mariah Carey with her new man enjoying a beautiful day playing with each other.

Mishca Barton Kind of Sexy For Arena

Thursday, November 29, 2007 |

I don’t know what to say about this girl. When I first seen Mischa Barton in the TV Series The OC I thought she is amazing, but then she faded out…and then she died. Well, I don’t know for sure if she died, but in the last episode that I watch she was dying in that car crash.
Anyway that is just a character, but is not far away from reality.
She is not doing to much with her life, just smoking weed, slipping a nipple, showing her panties or showing her cellulites, other than that nothing interesting.
Here she is in the January 2008 issue of Arena Magazine looking kind of sexy.

I know pregnant women want to look like this, but I hope they realize that in reality the women that appears in magazines, pregnant or not, don’t exist. It’s sad, but it’s true and more than that, it’s not fair.
So, the pictures of Christina Aguilera are strongly photoshopped, but everybody knows that already. Flawless and glamorous it’s hard to believe a pregnant woman can look like this. I am not saying pregnant woman are ugly, far from that, but Christina Aguilera gain some weight and her face looks, in reality a little chunky than does in these pictures. But you already know that, so there is no point to keep going on how unrealistic these pictures are. You decide!

I think
Jennifer Love Hewitt is in competition with Jennifer Lopez when it comes to big asses. While J.Lo has a naturally large ass, J.Love raised it from a little cute ass to a giant bumpy-dimply-mushy rear end, which is not a pretty view.

But we get consolation with her big natural breast, which makes you forget about everything else.
Here she is in a black bikini enjoying the benefits of a beautiful day.

I think the title says everything. Alessandra Ambrosio is striping and is teasing in the same time. She puts a little sexy show on for the camera to blow out our minds a little bit.

Anyway she is hot and she looks hotter while doing the little striptease number.