Naked photos of MTV'S The Hills' star Audrina Patridge have surfaced on the internet this week. Sources have stated that the brunette reality TV celeb had attempted to get picked up by Playboy immediately after she graduated high school.

The photographs were shot in and around a posh Orange County property, and has reported that a source present on the shoot has stated that she was "a natural in front of the camera and loved every second of the shoot at the L.A. mansion."

Despite her efforts though, her pictures were rejected by Playboy, causing her to set her sights on glamour modeling instead.

Although Patridge has yet to grace the pages of Vogue, she has managed to keep herself busy by following her best friend and fellow Hill's star Lauren Conrad around for the past three seasons of the hit show.

The new season of “The Hills” airs Monday at 10 on MTV.