Christina Aguilera is Afraid of Birth Pain - Celebrity Crunch

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Christina Aguilera is so afraid of childbirth pain that she’s scheduled a cesarean section for January 10.

Well, I don’t understand why anybody wants to get their body cut, having a lot of chances to remain with some pain all their life and a pretty big scar. I think maybe is just trendy to get a C-section, even if you can get birth with no problem naturally.

"The singer - who is expecting her first child with her music executive husband Jordan Bratman - has allegedly decided to go for the operation to avoid the pain of natural childbirth.

A source close to the star said: “Christina has a C-section scheduled for January 10 but she might need to push the date of the delivery up.”

Despite having a baby shower earlier this month, Christina - who turned 27 on Tuesday - is planning another event for her family and close friends.

The source added: “Christina will be having a second baby shower at the Hotel Bel-Air over Christmas with just her friends.”