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Lindsay Lohan Is The Worst Actress

Monday, January 21, 2008 |

Lindsay Lohan movie role in I know Who Killed Me brought her two golden Razzies nominations for Worst Actress. According to the Associated Press:

"`I Know Who Killed Me' is the most fabulously brainless movie since `Showgirls,'" which Razzie voters picked as the worst movie of the 1990s, Wilson said. "By the end of it, you still don't know what happened. Are they twins or aren't they? Did she imagine it? Can I please have my hour and 50 minutes back?"

Lindsay plays “a small-town girl abducted by a psychopath and an alter-ego, a stripper who's missing body parts.” And to express my humble opinion I think is sick.

I don’t know if was because of her of her movie role that she get not one, but two nominations, but if is because of her movie role I hope the scenarist and the director got at least one Razzie, too.