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Demi Moore Stunning In V Magazine

Friday, January 18, 2008 |

V Magazine made tree covers for the next issue with the never-gets-old Demi Moore, where in each one of them she looks stunning. Is true that she had help from plastic surgery and photoshopping to look like she does in these pictures, but she sure looks good.

In her interview with the magazine she talks about her new husband, Ashton Kutcher and how he deals with a house full of women:

“We’re loaded with females. Recently we added a male puppy to our family mix. We had all female dogs before that. Thank goodness I have a male assistant – otherwise Ashton would have gone from being a single guy with a male roommate to being overloaded.”

She is working right now to a new movie with Michael Caine, Flawless, which will be released in the spring.