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Jennifer Lopez Does Harper Bazaar

Thursday, January 10, 2008 |

Gorgeous and sexy looking, like all the girls appear in magazines, thanks to the photoshoping and why not, the good genes, Jennifer Lopez covers the February issue of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine in the best way possible.

In her interview with the magazine she talks about why all the mistery about the baby. Here are few lines about the big secret:

J.Lo on her private pregnancy: “I do realize people want to know [about the pregnancy] because they’re interested, but this is the first time I’m going through this. I kind of feel like everybody knew anyway.”

J.Lo on how hubby Marc Anthony was the reason she kept it a secret for so long: “He made me realize you can be an artist, and have credibility and success, without your life being on public display. This is my experience and my husband’s experience, and we get to hold that for a little while.”

J.Lo on whether she will be a working mom: “I don’t know — and I like that, because my life has been so planned for so many years. Once I did the tour, I really just wanted to shut it down.”