Liv Tyler Gives Kate Bosworth A Big Kiss - Celebrity Crunch

Liv Tyler and Kate Bosworth were spotted sharing a passionate kiss and hug after seeing each other when out to lunch on Tuesday (June 5) in New York City.

Liv, daughter of Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, was enjoying a meal with Smother co-star Dax Shepherd. It just so happened to be that at the table next to them was Kate with Helena Christensen.

Kate laughed it up during her lunch, but the laughing turned to complete surprise just moments later.

The reason? On their way out, Liv initiated a big kiss and as Egotastic writes, “From the look on Kate’s face in the first picture, I think she was just as shocked to be on the receiving end of Liv Tyler’s full-on face grab. That’s one hell of a greeting!”

Enjoy the pictures of Liv and Kate’s lunch smooch, as well as shots of Miss Bosworth at The Whitney Museum of American Art party the following day (June 6)!