Welcome Lesbain : Tila Tequila the MySpace phenomenon gets own dating show on MTV - Celebrity Crunch

The MySpace phenomenon that is Tila Tequila is to get her very own dating show on MTV, where 32 contestants compete for her attention. The show is much like Bachelor, but there is a difference halt the men will be straight and then the other half will be lesbians, well the show has just got my attention.

Tequila will have the 32 lucky singles in her mansion where each week Tila will have to whittle them down until only one is left, that could be a man or a lesbian woman. Unlike other show MTV has said that at the end of the Tila Tequila show, a dramatic ceremony which is nothing like we have ever seen before. The show is called A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila; watch the premiere on the 9th October.